Hez Pestblume

Hez is a troll originally from Germany.  Her troll settlement was destroyed by the Humanis Policlub, forcing her to emigrate to America to live with her Dwarf Girlfriend, Luskinyan.

Hez is played by Torvald Tempestas

Drawing by Travis Harris


Dreger is a human gang member with ulterior motives. His agenda is unknown to the rest of the gang he is associated with, the GoZeroes.

Dreger is played by Marcus Freeman

Drawing by merbouzid (


Jetangeline is a human who lives on the streets of San Francisco.  She doesn’t know where she came from or who her parents were, only survival. She knows quite a bit about the seedy underbelly of San Francisco.

Jetangeline is played by Mackenzie Paulus

Drawing by Eric Panico

Drawing by Eric Panico

Curt Meiso

Curt is an Elf who escaped from a Wuxing arcology in South America.  During the escape, he lost parts of his memory. Now he is trying to understand how life works outside of an arcology.

Curt is played by Chris Tomasso

Drawing by Sophia Bui

Drawing by Sophia Bui

Drawing by Sophia Bui

Paul Greenleaf

Paul Greenleaf

Game Master

Paul is an untested, first time Game Master. He is constantly walking the line between creating an exciting adventure and adhering to many, many complicated rules and details.

Additional Voices:

Tony Galiano: Elloran, Rear GoZero guard, Deaths head mask

Torvald Tempestas: Kaya, Jaybird, Ren, Petite female elf

Marcus Freeman: Dax, Bear Mentor Spirit, Bear Spirit

Mack Ellis: Rico, Remote Van Driver, Army Jacket

Justin Krupp: Rabrat, Bus Driver

Brian Merlonghi: Nose Ring

Chris Arns: Bus Passenger

Charles Greenleaf: Mr. Johnson/Commander Talbot

Paul Greenleaf: Store Owner, Thug, Bus Driver #2, Drunk GoZero, Boss, Metal Jacket, Bear Spirit


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There is a wealth of lore and history to the world of Shadowrun, beyond the scope of this website. A detailed timeline is available here, but if you want the most basic of primers, check out the bullet points:

  • Large corporations have become more powerful than governments, and are essentially above the law.
  • “Nuyen” is the standard world currency.
  • Technology has advanced significantly, allowing direct neural interfaces, cyber limbs, and many more wonders to become commonplace.
  • The internet has been replaced by “The Matrix”, capable of transmitting massive amounts of data almost anywhere near instantly.
  • Magic returned to the world in an event known as “The Awakening”. Roughly 2% of the population is magically active.
  • The Awakening triggered genetic changes in some of the worlds population, ushering in the age of Metahumanity: Orcs, Trolls, Dwarves, Elves, and other, lesser known creatures now make up roughly 35% of the worlds population alongside humans.
  • Extremely powerful and intelligent beings known as “Dragons” are spread out around the world, each with their own agenda. For example, a kindly Dragon known as Dunkelzahn was President until his assassination 10 hours after his inauguration. A ruthless Dragon named Lofwyr owns one of the top companies in the world, Saeder-Krupp, and is the richest individual in the world.


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